…ah my whiskey is so good…

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raise your hand if music is your favorite.

now if you didn’t raise your hand because you hate music

then eat a dick because this is awesome…

shakey graves – late july

video from Be Lie All

.stoked for SXSW.


…coast to coast…

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aaaaand just added this to the store

…my personal favorite so far…

spaaaaaaaaaaaaace ghoooooooooosst

gotta love him.

…i miss my own bed i miss my old life…

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for anyone who gives a shit

i’ve put several new hand drawn prints in the store.

these are among the few…

steve zissou

leonardo – tmnt


materials used: paint marker, spray paint, bic lighter & a page torn out of Jules Verne’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”.

i also put up the final result of the custom munny piece “retr-0 and c0ntr0l”.

thanks for your time.

*title from “can’t feel my face” by islands

…last one to die please turn off the lights…

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i hate doing back to back movie posts but…


holy balls!!!!

…i’m gonna find a tree to chop down…

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thank you.

thank you so much.

…this place is dead anyway man…

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this is incredible…

translating this title to english i got:

“bomb frightening PV/funk institutes in Japan”

looks like ‘b.f.p.v.f.i.i.j.” is my new favorite band.

thanks tekusboner

*title – charles, swingers ’96

…the night is my good lover…

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BarFlyBomb Productions Presents…

These adorably creepy little guys are known as the “Von Kumpletington Twins”.

Norwal Von Krumpletington (striped suit) is the brains of the duo. His goal is to create mischief while laughing in the faces of his poor parents who he regularly creates chaos upon. He hates baths but loves the smell of soap.

Zippy Von Krumpletington (the other one) is the follower type. He always does what Norwal tells him to do, but he does it with an eerily calm look upon his face. Don’t let him fool you. He is quiet yet methodical. I’m pretty sure if Norwal were not around he would still find a way to make life hell for his parents. He can’t cartwheel but he tells everyone he can.

They are both 2inches tall.

Drawn on DIY Ciboys from Japan.

Now at the BarFlyBomb Etsy Store

*title from “my name is drake” by a jigsaw

oh also,

check out a jigsaw