…new art…

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put a few new canvas pieces on the etsy.



check it out and buy things so i can eat.


…biff boom pow…

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check out

Jordan Calderon & the Star Foxes

Firecracker – EP


Sucker Punch


Bring Me Down

Medicine Man


buy it here:



bonus material comes along with it 😉

also add on


thanks for your time and attention

*title from “Sucker Punch”

…eat it like an apple of a deep colored rose…

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attn flock!

if you believe in music

go here…


if you don’t believe in music then you are a terrible person and i want nothing to do with you.

.thank you.

*title from “vidalia” by andrew bird’s bowl of fire

…i can occupy the queen but that’s for her and i…

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i can’t wait to show this movie to my grandkids.

anyone know where i can get ahold of some grandkids?

*title  from “well, you can do it without me” by father john misty. album: fear fun

…i’ll be winking to the wise owl…

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this is beautiful

video by RockyPlanetesimal

*title from “long way home” by kat edmonson

by the by,

I will soon be selling the “Firecracker EP” at my shows.

…in the nation under your command…

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god i love this man…

video belongs to KCRW

Andrew Bird’s “Break It Yourself” is out now

*title from “give it awaY’ by andrew brid

…i know karate, voodoo too…

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this is one of my all time favorite books

kerouac is one of my heroes

this better be good…

side note:

so far SXSW is incredible!

*title from “goin’ out west” by tom waits